Sneak Peak at our Fall Print Newsletter

Rotational Grazing at Viles Arboretum 

New Land Management Practices to improve soil quality and control of invasives.

If you have visited Viles Arboretum in the summer you might have noticed a group of sheep grazing our grounds or taking an afternoon nap in the shade of their shelters, equipped with solar-powered fans.  Grace Chavis is the shepherdess of Two Feathers Sheep and Fiber and has partnered with Viles Arboretum since 2019.  The Two Feathers flock are Icelandic sheep, composed of retired ewes living out their golden years along with fiber wethers who love having fun on a daily basis and entertaining visitors at the Arboretum.  

Fall Volunteer Day- A Big Thank You From the Arboretum

2020 has been an incredibly challenging year.  Despite the challenges, it has been wonderful to see how our community can still come together and accomplish great work.  The Arboretum is lucky to have a large group of volunteers.

BBQ & Family Fun Festival


Spread out across Viles Arboretum’s outdoor property, enjoy a BBQ lunch and take a stroll through Viles’ beautiful trail system. Lunch includes ribs, cornbread, coleslaw and beans. The Children’s Discovery Museum will be hosting free Fairies and Gnomes activities, including Fairy House building, rock painting, wand making and more!

Exciting Improvements at Viles Arboretum

If you have visited the Arboretum recently, you may have noticed we have been very busy.  We have welcomed Ryan Martin as our new Executive Director and hired two seasonal members to serve as Land Stewards until the end of August.

While 2020 and Covid-19 has brought many challenges, the team at Viles has stepped up accomplished so much.  

Food and Forest Collection Nearing Completion

Thanks to the support of our donors and the efforts of volunteer coordinator Tracy Weber, we're pleased to share that the Food and Forest collection is nearing completion! Started in 2017, this collection utilizes a concept designed to mimic some elements of a natural ecosystem, to provide food for people, birds and pollinators and habitat for wildlife. 

American Chestnut Seedlings Available

July is the month that the glorious blooms of the American Chestnut Tree appear.  Arguably one of the showiest tree blooms in Maine, it is certainly a much-anticipated time to visit Viles Arboretum.  As you approach the trees you will smell the blooms immediately, next you will probably hear and see the blooms alive with visiting pollinators.  

Recipe Spotlight: Three Easy Recipes for Summer

When Summer veggies and fruits start making an appearance, it is easy to reach for the same recipes.  Here are a few of our favorite new recipes.  

Tomato-Lemon Tart


A new way to use that basil and tomatoes.  Extra credit given to those who make their own puffed pastry.  

August Collection Spotlight: Hosta Collection

If you are planning a trip to Viles Arboretum, make sure to stop by the Hosta Collection, as this time of year is nearing peak bloom.  This collection is a very short hike from the Visitors Center and offers a nice reprieve from the heat of summer as you stroll through the shade of the Birch-lined trail that houses the collection.